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4 Reasons Why You Should Shop Local and Support Small Businesses


The impact of small businesses can’t be ignored! Did you know that when you shop local and support a small business, for every $100 you spend, $68 will stay in the community. What happens when you spend $100 at a chain store? Only $43 stays in the community.*

Why shop local and support a small business?

  • You support the local economy
    • When you shop local, you directly support the staff (your neighbors!) that work there. Local businesses contribute more than 63% of net new private sector job growth. Read more about the impact of small business and job growth here
  • You support the local community
    • Local businesses support their local communities directly and donate more money to nonprofits than chain stores. Often you see national stores donating to social campaigns or nonprofits only as a reactionary response when there’s been negative public outcry over a scandal. Local businesses hold themselves accountable to their communities and are often a staple in contributing to their community’s sense of identity.  
  • Better customer service
    • Have you ever noticed that it’s easier to deal with returns in-person? The process of online returns can be so frustrating! Starting with repackaging your purchase, printing off a new label, setting a pickup time for delivery, and ending with hoping your package doesn’t get stolen off your doorstep or lost in transit. The ease of dealing with a person, instead of an over-the-phone robot is still appreciated. Have you ever purchased a product and the instruction manual isn’t exactly clear on how to use it? When you shop local at a small business, you’re getting the training and expertise that comes with how to work a product.
  • Lower carbon footprint
    • When you shop local, your carbon impact is lower. When you take into account the transportation and delivery that online purchases involve, your environmental impact is higher.  

Why shop at Harry’s Locksmith?

  • Guaranteed work
  • Competitive pricing
  • Better, unique products
  • Friendly, responsive customer service
  • You’re supporting your neighbors

How does Harry’s support its local community?

For 20+ years, Harry’s Locksmith has proudly partnered with Share Vancouver to support individuals and families who experience homelessness. During the holiday season, we participate in the Adopt-a-Family and Wish Tags through Share’s Holiday Cheer Program. We purchase gifts for low-income Clark County families and families in Share’s shelters. 

At Harry’s we also drive community impact by participating in community events like local WA and OR school fundraisers, sponsoring sports teams and church bulletins, and donating to local nonprofits. Despite our small size, our impact is BIG!

We encourage you to join us this year and support the many men, women and children in need this holiday season.Take a look at all the ways you can help support your community and spread holiday cheer here by visiting Share:

Harry's shop local discount couponWe are honoring our customers who support small businesses with a 10% discount off all mobile services and in-shop purchases at Harry’s Locksmith from 12/05/19 through 01/05/2020.** Mention the offer “Small Biz Discount” when scheduling. Discount includes house rekeys, lockouts, smart lock installs, and car key duplicates. 

You can also buy a Harry’s Locksmith gift card (or from other participating local Vancouver merchants) through the GVCC’s Grow the (360) gift card program. 

Contact us today to set up a service call!

Read more about what happens when you shop local at small businesses here.

*Source – The Official Blog of the Website of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

** No other discounts apply.

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