Advancements in Smart Lock Technology You’ll Want to Know

Advancements in Smart Lock Technology You’ll Want to Know

Advancements in Door Locking Technology Youll Want to Know

As technology becomes more advanced, thieves and burglars become more sophisticated. From identity theft to telephone spoofing, criminals are getting more creative in how they target you and your belongings.

Fortunately, even as these scams and schemes have become more advanced, so too has the technology to combat them. Harry’s Locksmith, your longtime North Portland locksmith, offers top of the line door locking technology that will protect you and your valuables. We’ll go over some of the more recent advancements in door locking and tell you how to best safeguard both your safety and security.

One of the more common (and avoidable) mistakes a homeowner can make is not locking the door at all. How many times has each of us left for vacation and wondered if we turned off the stove? Or been hours down the road and begun to question if we left the front door unlocked? With technological advancements, that problem has now been solved.

Many smart locks, such as Nexia Home Intelligence, enable you to control your door locks from the convenience of your mobile phone. Using an app, you can control your lock from virtually anywhere. You can even activate private codes for up to 19 friends and family members, allowing others entry to your house even when you’re away.

Need a cat sitter while you’re away for a few days? You can give your sitter temporary access to your home for a set time period. You can then revoke that access as needed. No more worrying about the ex who still has keys to your house! Removing the need for physical keys, smart locks like Nexia ensure that you’re always in control of who has access to your home.

Some even include advanced features, such as taking photos of each person who gains entry into your house—that way you can monitor who is accessing your home and at what times.

If you’re someone who often misplaces your keys, then fingerprint door locks are another good option. Fingerprint locks eliminate the need to carry keys or memorize access codes. Instead, unlocking your front door is quite literally at your fingertips.

Many fingerprint door locks have automatic features as well, eliminating the need to manually lock the door, or worry about whether you did so. You can also store multiple fingerprints so that other family members will have access to the home when you’re away.

In addition to making it more difficult for others to pick your lock or otherwise gain entry into your home, smart locks also have the ability to alert you when someone does gain access. The Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt, for instance, will emit a loud beep when it senses activity, such as movement around your front door, tampering, or forced entry. This will enable you to quickly detect when you have an unexpected houseguest. In fact, the Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt has received the highest possible grade in security, durability, and finish.

Of course, the best advancements in door locking technology will enhance both security and convenience. As technology advances, we have the opportunity to do more with less. In addition to keeping your home secure, many smart door locks will also control other features of your house.

The Yale Real Living Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt, for instance, connects with your home’s smart devices so that you can turn on lights or even the coffee pot upon arriving home. It also protects your privacy. If you’re having a romantic dinner, select the privacy mode, which will temporarily lock out everyone that has an access code to your home.

Furthermore, some smart locks take your safety one step further. In addition to safeguarding your home against burglars, they enhance your safety by communicating with other life-saving devices. For instance, you can have doors unlock when a smoke or carbon monoxide detector is triggered, enabling you to more quickly exit your home in an emergency situation.

Another way smart locks make life simpler and more convenient? Not only do they help you keep better tabs on your home, they also have the ability to help you keep better tabs on your family.

Have an unruly teenager who likes to sneak out of the house or break curfew? Certain smart locks, such as Yale Lift Master, will help you monitor the comings and goings of your child. Many smart locks will send text alerts to your smartphone, allowing you to know when the door has been opened. Such features help to keep your family safe in more ways than one.

Some smart locks can be installed over your existing locks; others will need to have a new system installed altogether. Whatever lock you ultimately choose, Harry’s Locksmith will ensure that installation is quick and easy.

We’ve been operating as a North Portland locksmith for seven decades, providing a range of commercial, residential, and automobile services. We’ll make sure your home is secure. After all, thieves and burglars are often looking for easy access and entry. Simply having the most advanced technology often serves as a deterrent.

Days of leaving keys under the front doormat for visitors and neighbors are gone. Today, you have to be much more savvy when it comes to protecting your space. Using some of these advancements in door locking technology will help keep your family safe.

If you’re trying to decide the best lock for your home or office, contact your North Portland locksmith today. We’ll assess your needs and help you determine which door locking technology is the best fit for you. Security is our top priority. Give us a call so we can make sure it’s also yours.

Access Control: Does My Company Need This Type of Protection?

Access Control: Does My Company Need This Type of Protection?

Access control is something that your company may need, but you might not have realized this just yet. At Harry’s Locksmith, your trusty locksmith in Beaverton and other surrounding areas, we want to explore this deeper with you.

Access control is exactly what it sounds like—it is the selective restriction of access to a place. The two basic types of access control systems that we have today are wired and wireless. Popular types of access control systems include pin codes, alarms, key cards, and biometric scanners.

Access Control Does My Company Need This Type of Protection - Locksmith BeavertonThese systems are becoming much more common. For instance, sales revenue in 2016 were in excess of $6.39 billion. This number is expected to continue to grow, with industry experts predicting that by 2023 this number will reach $10.03 billion.

Industry experts also believe that it will have a compound annual growth rate of 6.48 percent.

At your local locksmith in Beaverton, we have been following these trends, which is why we are proud to share that access control is one of our specialties, specifically commercial electronic access control.

Business owners have a responsibility to themselves, shareholders, clients, and employees to maintain a safe work environment. Not only should individuals feel safe knowing the right people are in the right
place, but the valuable resources you work with and sensitive information clients share with you needs to be protected as well. That’s why it’s imperative to stay up-to-date on the latest security systems available and access control is an ideal choice.

So, why would your company want this type of protection?

If You Have a Lot of Employees

If you only have a handful of employees, your stereotypical lock-and-key access system will likely still work. However, if you have a large number of employees, this could be more difficult to manage.

When you have a large number of employees, there are a larger number of keys to be responsible for. These keys can be lost, or, if you do not give keys to everyone in the office, those without keys need to rely on those with keys in order to get into the building.

By switching to an access control system you are automating the whole process and will not have to worry about these issues any longer. Employees will be able to enter the building either with their own key card embedded with wireless technology or with a pin code that is specific to them. All employees can have access to the building and will not have to rely on their supervisor or anyone else. And, you’ll know exactly who and when each person enters the premises.

If You Want to Know Who is in Your Building

Access control provides only certain people with clearance to your building, or even to specific areas within your building. If you are interested in knowing who is in the building on what days, or who is in a specific room of your building at specific times, access control allows you to do exactly this.

Thanks to a badge with embedded wireless technology, or specific pin numbers/security code allotted to each employee, you will have an electronic record of everyone who has entered the room or building.

Additionally, with access control systems you will be able to control who can access the buildings or rooms at all times, or on certain days and times. If you are doing something confidential that only a handful of people are supposed to work on, you can restrict access to the building or a specific room just to those employees.

Furthermore, if there is ever an issue of stolen items or someone was let go, you will have a record of who was in the building and can quickly terminate access as needed.

If You Want to Further Protect Data Breaches

Access control systems allow companies to have a much more efficient database management. A key card or pin number can simply allow or disallow specific employees from accessing certain computers, or areas within a computer, that are connected to the company’s network. There will also be a record of everything, which means that if there is a data breach, you know who was looking at that data in the moments before the breach.

Additionally, having an access control system in place will also further ensure that outsiders are not able to gain access to any confidential information you possess.

If You Want to Save Money

It may look like a big number upon installing access systems, but in the long run, you will likely end up saving money for your business. By installing access control systems, your energy bills will reduce greatly. You can link your access control system with the building management system. This will allow the building management system to be specially configured to automatically turn off any unnecessary lighting, air conditioning, or heating in areas where employees are not currently working.

This will also allow lights to be turned off automatically at night, resulting in the last person out of work never having to worry again as to whether or not they shut everything off properly. And as a boss, you won’t have to worry that someone is trespassing. When you choose this secure system, the keys will never get into the wrong hands.

Access control systems are a great way to secure your business, as well as saving money in the long-run. It will allow your employees to feel more protected, and keep your clients at ease knowing their information is in safe keeping within your high-tech facility. Plus, peace-of-mind for yourself is invaluable.

If you are interested in installing an access control system? Give your local Beaverton locksmith a call, as we will gladly review your current security measures and help you to determine if access controlled entrances are the safeguard you need.