Protect Your Business from Break Ins with Latch Guards

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We have a new product we’re offering that is helping businesses stop burglaries before they happen. Business owners and property managers love this product because it protects from break ins, makes residents feel safer, and can help lower tenant turnover.

Many shop and home burglaries happen by a person jamming a crowbar between the door and frame, and prying it open. When break ins like this happens, repair can be expensive. 

Often, you have to completely replace the door and this is costly. Even more expensive, is replacing the equipment and items that were stolen. Especially computers, security cameras and other hardware. Also, the company downtime and loss of revenue and assets, immediately hurts your bottom line. 

Our partner Frontline Defense, has come out with an awesome new product that stops thieves before they get started: latch guards. Latch guards provide FULL door latch protection. Instead of a plate that just goes over the opening, FrontLine’s latch guard plate runs down and covers the entire opening of the door and frame. 

An additional benefit of the door latch guard is that it reduces drafts. This equals lower heating and cooling costs too. 

The latch guards are available in different materials and finishes to suit your business’s unique needs (aluminum and steel). Standard colors include: aluminum/silver, white, brown, black, and custom colors available too. 

If you want to:

  • Save money
  • Deter break ins
  • Prevent expensive property damage

A door latch guard plate is an excellent, cost-effective solution for your business’s security needs.

Take action before theft takes place. You don’t want to wait until theft happens to you. 

Preventative measures are cheaper than reactionary ones. Our install time is usually less than 3 hours. In less than 3 hours you can protect your business against forced break ins. 

Call us today to see if this is a right fit for your business or facility (360) 696-4901. 

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