How to Select Between Vancouver Locksmiths

You never think about how important it is to have a good locksmith in your Rolodex until an emergency comes up. You lock yourself out of your house or office, you cannot get into your car when you are in a rush to get somewhere … you know the drill. In situations like these, having a locksmith you trust that you can pick up the phone and call to bail you out is invaluable.

But finding a locksmith that is reliable and affordable is not as easy as it sounds. You need to do your due diligence and follow a smart procedure when choosing the best possible locksmith to fit your needs. So when considering Vancouver locksmiths, there are several factors you should keep in mind.

Ask Your Friends and Family

You can do all the necessary research, but sometimes word of mouth can be the most effective method at finding a quality locksmith. If somebody you know and trust has a locksmith who has gotten the job done for them while proving to be trustworthy can make your decision of who to hire much easier. If a locksmith has done a good job for a friend or family member, for your purposes, you have tangible proof that locksmith is good at what they do.

Research Professional Reputation

The Better Business Bureau exists for a reason, so make use of it. If you are researching Vancouver locksmiths, looking into a company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau and checking reviews and complaints can, at the very least, may help you narrow the field.

Consult Web Reviews

Online reviews are not an exact science because they can be tainted by those with agendas or even by competitors who pretend to be reviewers, but they can still be very useful if you’re seeking a consensus opinion.

If nothing else, a website like Yelp allows you to see a collection of reviews that can show you either a negative or positive trend in what people are saying about a particular company, which can help steer your search if you are looking for a way to choose between Vancouver locksmiths.

Make Sure the Locksmith is Properly Licensed

The temptation may arise to use an unlicensed locksmith because that company may be cheaper or more responsive due to a desperate need for business. You should avoid this temptation at all costs because unlicensed locksmiths are far more likely to cause you headaches.

Whereas you have little to no protection with an unlicensed locksmith, a licensed locksmith is insured against occupational hazards, can be tracked down by law enforcement, and can be punished if they do something wrong, so they must behave accordingly.

With unlicensed locksmiths, there can be issues with lack of financial protection in case damage is done, and you could find yourself in a situation where you’ve unwittingly hired a fly-by-night company and have no recourse.

It is always better to select a locksmith with whom these are not potential problems, so you should insist that any company you hire is properly licensed and insured.

Shop Around

When deciding which Vancouver locksmith to hire, you want the best possible company to handle your needs, but odds are the price is going to be a major consideration too. This is why contacting companies and getting estimates is such a crucial part of the process. That said, it is important to understand that some locksmith work requires a higher level of expertise and may not be able to be done cheaply.

For example, the need to deal with laser beams or electric fences could be part of the equation. It is also possible that a computerized lock system could be involved, which would entail knowing cryptography and codes to fix or install. All of this must be kept in mind when comparing prices quoted so that, in the end, you can make your decision based on who is offering you the best combination of expertise, service, and price.

Look for Price Transparency

One issue you may encounter when deciding which Vancouver locksmiths you want to work with is that an estimate you are given could be misleading. Companies sometimes put a price on the website or give you an estimate that is significantly lower than what they are actually planning to charge you for the totality of the work you need done. While this is not an entirely uncommon practice, it is definitely sneaky and in no way above board. That is why when you are getting ready to finalize your decision you should verify exactly how much the work is going to cost and get an agreement in writing.

Getting an agreement in writing will legally lock in the price and remove the possibility of a company pulling a bait-and-switch by quoting a price and then using hidden fees and other tricks to pad your bill and drive the final price up.

Be Aware of the Potential Need for Specialization

While it is quite obviously more convenient to have one locksmith company handle all of your needs, this may not be possible. This is especially true if you are dealing with a complex system that involves multiple layers, which could be the case with an office building’s lock system. If this ends up being the situation, it makes your job harder because now you have to shop for multiple locksmiths or find one that is capable of handling numerous tasks.

Keep in mind that even if the locksmith company you select cannot handle all of your needs, that locksmith can be a big help to you since it is likely to have connections to other companies who can take care of what your chosen locksmith cannot do themselves.

With that said, some companies are a jack of all trades in this industry, so it may be in your best interest to spend time finding the right locksmith.

What Services Can a Commercial Locksmith Perform?

What Services Can a Commercial Locksmith Perform?

The craft of locksmithing is ancient, dating back to the early days of civilization. From Egypt during the days of the great Pharaohs to the Roman civilization, and from the industrial revolution to the digitization of the modern age, it is a craft that has proven itself invaluable to human progress.

What Services Can a Commercial Locksmith Perform

Think of the word locksmith and chances are you will think of their trusted partners, keys. Generally, key cutting and lock repairing are thought to be the standard service provided by every commercial locksmith, and so they are. However, there are a wide range of residential and commercial locksmith services that the best and most trusted locksmiths perform and help provide you with the strongest line of security. These can be categorized within commercial, residential, automotive, and ADA services.

Let us now examine the commercial services provided by professional and licensed locksmiths such as us at Harry’s Locksmith.

Commercial Services

Commercial spaces generally require security systems that are a different standard to residential or automotive serves. Commercial locksmith services are performed by highly trained professionals skilled at the particular kind of locks used in establishments and corporations.

Master Keying

This eliminates the need to carry an unnecessarily large number of keys. A single master key can be created to enable access to every lock in your establishment.


This is a common practice of rekeying the cylinders of a lock so that the original keys do not work on it anymore. A new key is created to match the reconfigured lock. This is a cost-effective method that eliminates the need to purchase new locks.

Door Services

Door services by trained locksmiths ensure a functional, aesthetically pleasing solution to door related problems. Installation, repair and replacement of door closers, door frames, hinges, emergency exits, and handicapped exits are also possible. These can be for wooden, metal or glass doors.

Cylindrical or Mortise Locks

These are the usual lock systems installed on doors around the world and offer varying levels of protection. Professional locksmiths are capable of providing high-quality locks of either kind.

Mortise locks include a deadbolt and use the globally known thumb latch handle. They are usually made from brass. These locks can be difficult to install as their components have to be individually carved and drilled onto the door. However, they provide a good security option owing to the presence of a deadbolt.

Cylindrical locks are more common in newer buildings and have a simple system involving two holes drilled to the door involving the lockset and latch. These locks do not, however, come with a deadbolt.

Access Control

Proper security means knowing who has access to what part of your establishment and maintaining strict controls over it. Access control systems help in detailing and monitoring precisely this, enabling greater safety and providing information like security logs and other data.

High-Security Locks

High-security locks are extremely time consuming and expensive to break, and act as a strong deterrent. These are typically required by businesses which require top security and it is highly advisable to go through trained, licensed, insured and verified locksmiths.

Safe Installation, Servicing and Combination Changes

Businesses that require safes on site to protect their cash, documents and similar valuable materials are also required to undertake their regular servicing. Safes have moving parts that need upkeep otherwise the safe could malfunction. Safe owners should also change their combinations regularly, a task that should be undertaken by professional locksmith services.

Cabinet and Desk Locks

A large number of offices regularly suffer from a cabinet and desk lock-outs or malfunctions. Professional locksmith services should be employed to repair or install these locks.

Electrified Strikes, Panic Hardware, Mag Locks

Electric strikes are one of the more common locks used in office spaces today. These locks are designed to manually or automatically lock and unlock doors. For example, they enable security or a receptionist to open doors through a release switch or allow employees into office spaces through their access cards. The doors then automatically lock once they close.

They can be installed in conjunction with close circuit cameras or intercoms to enhance security.

Panic bars are usually installed horizontally or vertically on emergency exits and are designed for a quick and easy release. These are also typically deadlatched, and do not enable access from the outside, thus adhering to security norms.

Mag locks or magnetic locks rely on the power of magnets to secure doors creating lock systems that can be extremely difficult to break. These can be via electromagnets, i.e. in conjunction with an electric source, or through permanent magnets only.

Other Commercial Services

A large number of commercial locksmith services have problems that house owners also face. Lockouts, lost keys, lock repairs, lock installation and hardware upgrade requirements could be the issues faced by any commercial establishment and it’s wise to trust a licensed, trained locksmith for these, as opposed to an untrained individual or store.

Key Cutting

Creating copies of your existing key is a smart move and professional locksmiths can create accurate, high-quality copies in little time. Similarly, they can create a copy of your lost or stolen key (if there are no copies) from the lock itself. This can help save on the cost of a new lock and provide peace of mind to the owner.

Lock-Out Assistance

Lock-outs can be stressful and annoying, but a trained locksmith should be able to pick the relevant locks for your commercial space with a high success rate. If in case the lock needs to be broken and a new one installed in its place, they can provide you with a quick solution to that particular problem as well.

Conducting due diligence when employing a locksmith to secure your workspace, establishment, residence or automobile is an important part of the process. The locksmith you choose should have proper licenses, credentials and customer referrals.

Many locksmiths can be valuable partners and provide services like facilities upgrade, giving you peace of mind and security, and enabling you to focus on your business.