Electronic Security is Trending in the Locksmith Industry

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Electronic Security


When you’re starting a business there are so many things that you’ll need to plan out, but one important factor that shouldn’t be forgotten is the safety and security of your work space. More and more commercial businesses are choosing an electronic security system for their security needs. And there are goods reason why. Electronic security is the best way to manage access to your office space, apartment complex, hospital, school, or place of worship with detailed control over who has access to the premises.

In 2016, the Security Hardware Distributors Association (SHDA) held its yearly convention in Texas. Out of the 40 vendors on display, 25 of them prominently featured electronic locking systems. And the numbers have only gone up since then.

Electronic Security is Trending in the Locksmith Industry

An electronic security system has become the industry leader for its precision and accuracy. In a world where everything is becoming digitized, your business should not be the exception. The best locksmith will be able to point you in the direction of the right electronic security system for you, but don’t just take our word for it.

Here are some important reasons why electronic security is trending in the locksmith industry today.

Why Electronic Security?

Traditional mechanical security (or a system that uses keys) has historically been the gold-standard and will continue to be a necessary option in residential spaces where there are fewer users who need credentials. In the commercial realm, however, electronic security is more effective in providing and controlling access for a high volume of users, not to mention that unlike a key, an electronic key card or fob cannot be easily duplicated without the owner’s knowledge.

Additionally, keys don’t give owners the same control when it comes to timely access to buildings. An electronic security system will allow the owner to control what times their users may enter the premises and will digitally record who entered and left the building.

If you’re operating in a large building, you might want stringent controls over which entryways are accessible to the public and what times these doors will close for the night. Instead of spending your evening going from door to door to close up shop, an electronic security system will allow you to remotely set timers for all entryways. Meaning, less work for you and more security for your building.

Key Failure

Heavy, noisy, and easily vulnerable to theft, keys are no longer the industry standard for commercial buildings. Aside from the aforementioned fact that keys can easily be duplicated without their owner’s knowledge, keys also offer no control over when or who can access a door.

Think about it; as long as a key is being used, anyone has access to that doorway. Even if they aren’t an authorized user. A mechanical lock also cannot provide the owner with a list of the credential’s use (who used it and when), which is imperative for maximum security.

If a key is lost or stolen, the owner of the building must incur the cost of replacing locks for the entire building. Whereas in an electronic security system, you can easily shut off access for that specific electronic credential and reissue a new one to your authorized user, saving you time and hundreds of dollars.

Finally, mechanical locks can be defeated, which can ruin businesses who sell or use pricey materials. While mechanical locks will always have their place in security, the best locksmith will instruct you to use an electronic security system.

How do Electronic Locking Systems Work

There are many different options for how your electronic locking system can work. Whether that be keypads in the entrance ways of your buildings, magnetic strip cards that can be swiped for entry, or even proxy readers (like your key fobs or key cards) that can be waved in front of a reader for access.

What remains the same is this; a system of readers (keypads or lock-mounted readers) will be placed in any of the entryways of your choosing. The same credentials can be used for all entryways or additional credentials can be added to doors that are for users with higher security clearances. Your reader will carefully audit every electronic credential that is used to access the premises, ensuring premium security.

Electronic Security’s Staying Power

As we’ve seen with our cell phones, electronic security is the wave of the future. The latest in mobile security has even advanced so far as to include thumbprint and iris-recognition, but your business won’t need to go that far.

The development of new and innovative tools for electronic security has only just begun. More and more locksmiths are realizing that businesses need higher levels of control over their work space. And the best locksmiths know that the future capabilities of electronic security are endless.

Take for instance, the improvement in access to handicapped or injured users. Electronic doors, that open and close with the swipe of a credential, have made it so much easier for those who are less mobile to enter and leave a premise. If you are running a commercial operation, there will be no bigger point of pride then knowing your building is inclusive.

The perks to an electronic space are overwhelming, but we here at Harry’s Locksmith are here to help. Since 1949 we’ve helped our local businesses, schools, and places of worship protect their spaces and keep our community safe.

Our mission is to make sure every customer of Harry’s Locksmith feels like one of “Harry’s family” by providing personalized attention and the best in customer service. We offer an array of commercial services, including access control to your electronic security system, creating a security system that will pass inspection with the American with Disabilities Act, safe servicing and combination changes, and much more.

Whether you’re just starting on your dream project or you want to update your current security system, give us a call and allow us to show you what it means to get the best locksmith in town. We guarantee that you’ll be happy with our service.