The Best Salem Mobile Locksmith Will Offer These Services


Vancouver-Portland-Salem Mobile Locksmith Services


Don’t Be Locked Out For Long

There’s no convenient time or place to lock yourself out. But whether you’re locked out of your home, office or even your car, Harry’s Locksmith can be there to help. In addition to a store in downtown Vancouver, Harry’s employs mobile locksmiths who can serve those living in the Portland, Salem and Wilsonville metro areas. We also offer 24/7 emergency services.

​A mobile locksmith is a trained key and lock professional who makes service calls on a variety of lock-related issues. They come to you and bring all the necessary replacement parts and tools needed to fix what issue they were called in for.

Mobile locksmiths can get to your location faster, so if you do accidentally lock yourself out of your home, business or car, they’ll be there quickly to help you get back in. The same goes if your key breaks off in the lock itself and you can’t get in.

Mobile locksmiths aren’t handy just for emergency scenarios, either. Using a mobile locksmith is a great way to have a trained professional come to your home or business to help give you peace of mind. If you just moved to a new place, a mobile locksmith can come out and change the locks just in case the previous owners didn’t get rid of all their keys. If you’ve had a break in, they can come check out your location and provide stronger protection options.

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Mobile Locksmith Repairs

A mobile locksmith can also help with a variety of other locks and keys. They can not only help you get back into a car, but they can repair broken keys, whether you have a regular key or a smart key. They can reprogram transponder keys, as well. A mobile locksmith can also help repair your ignition or car locks, in addition to duplicate or replace care, motorcycle or transponder keys.

Cut New Keys On Location

You can also call in a mobile locksmith to help cut keys. Instead of going to a big box store and having it done there, a mobile locksmith will come out and ensure your key is cut properly to work on your lock. This saves an added trip back to the store if any issues arise with the new key.

Mobile Locksmiths For Home, Business and Vehicles

Mobile locksmiths receive extensive training to ensure they are knowledgeable on all sorts of different locks and doors. This means to not only will they be able to help you at your home, business or car, but they can also help you with more specialized locks. This can be something like a filing cabinet lock, desk drawer lock or a key code. Mobile locksmiths can help get into a safe if you forget the combination, or help reset the combination on a safe itself.

Mobile locksmiths allow Harry’s to reach more people faster. Find out why Harry’s has been trusted to keep people safe around Vancouver for more than 70 years. If you’re in need of a mobile locksmith in Salem, Wilsonville, Albany area, we have a technician stationed there locally to serve you better and faster. Harry’s shop is located in downtown Vancouver, Washington, five minutes away from Portland if you want a visit or a consultation with one of our door hardware specialists. The trained locksmiths have more than 120 years combined of door and door hardware experience. For the last two years, Harry’s has been voted as the top company in Clark County, Wa., for Best Security Services by residents of Clark County.