Gardall Microwave Safe 3

At Harry’s Locksmith in downtown Vancouver, WA we carry a variety of safes to meet your security needs. The most common types of safes are gun safes, deposit safes, and jewelry safes. If you’re not sure which safe to choose, we can help recommend one based on your needs. Just let us know. Below are some of the safes that we carry.

We can deliver your safe for a fee. Already own a safe? Lost your combination? Send us details and photos of your safe to

Data-Media Safes

Gardall Data Media Safe PDX

As technology evolves, the need for the protection of magnetic media assets becomes more important. We carry different sizes of Gardall’s media safes to keep your electronic assets protected in ways that an average fire safe wouldn’t. This safe offers one-hour fire protection for your media products.

Standard Features:

  • Push button 6-digit electronic lock with key day lock
  • 3 way bolt work with bolt detent
  • Shelf/Shelfs are removable, not adjustable
  • No center bolt-down hole
  • Fire rating- 1832°F outside, 150°F interior

What can you store inside?

  • Computer Back-Ups
  • Digital Pictures
  • Music
  • Video Tapes

Microwave Safes

Gardall Microwave Safe 1


We carry a range of Gardall U.L. approved fire resistive microwave style safes. Microwave style safes come with either mechanical or electronic style locks. All fire safes have plated interlocking bolts that extend into the safe walls to prevent tampering and removal of doors. The doors are precision built of extra heavy steel, full swinging on heavy duty hinges with interlocking, tongue and groove closure on all sides of the door frame. All safes come with a center bolt down hole and hardware to anchor the safe down.

Standard Features:

  • Programmable electronic lock with over-ride or single key lock.
  • Individual packaging for UPS type shipping available at additional cost.
  • Powder coated paint for increased durability
  • Center bolt down ( hardware included)
  • Pull-out shelf for storage
  • All models carry a 1-hour K.I.S label. Models MS912/MS129 & SS/ES1612 also carry a U.L 1-hour, 350°F label
  • Gardall lifetime fire warranty.
  • Models SS/ES1612 come with 1 adjustable shelf
  • Lifetime replacement warranty (see catalog for details)
  • * U.L. 350° One-Hour Label: Add 1½” to outside depth for dial and handle.

Gardall Microwave Safe 3


One or Two Hour Record Safes

Gardall One or Two Hour Record Safes

Gardall ES1612-G-E One Hour Record Safe

This Gardall one hour record safe features an electronic lock that allows you to set your own combination. It’s made for storing important documents and has a K.I.S. one hour fire rating as well as a U.L. one hour 350 degree F for extra fire protection. This safe features a removable shelf and small tray. On this 1 hour rated fire safe with an electronic lock, we feature a center bolt down hole inside the safe. We even include the hardware to bolt it down.

Standard Features:

  • Programmable electronic lock with over-ride
  • Powder-coated paint for increased durability
  • Center bolt-down hole is standard (Hardware included)
  • Pull-out shelf for storage
  • 1-hour K.I.S label
  • Also carriers a 1-hour U.L 350 degree F label
  • Gardall lifetime fire warranty
  • 1 adjustable shelf
  • Lifetime replacement warranty

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we can order it for you. As a security hardware provider, Harry’s Locksmith wants you to know that we are very much here to help. Reach out to us today to set up a service call or request a free project estimate. Sign up for our e-newsletter. Receive weekly product highlights, company updates, special offers, deals and more. Join our newsletter to stay connected here.


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