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The Pros & Cons of Pushbutton Locks

The Pros & Cons of Pushbutton Locks

Have you ever forgotten or lost a key and spent hours dealing with the consequences? It makes you scramble for alternative solutions.

Luckily, your local locksmith service has a few ideas for you.

At most commercial properties, people come and go all hours of the day, seven days of the week. And while you might have regular business hours where the doors are left unlocked, there can still be some employees or tenants that need access after normal business hours are over.
The Pros & Cons of Pushbutton Locks
That means multiple people need a way of accessing the building without having to come directly to you.

That makes keyless door entry systems one of the best upgrades you can make. This technology isn’t new. In fact, as a local locksmith service who’s been in business for many years, we’ll tell you we’ve been installing this technology for years.

Sure, it’s changed a little over the years. With smart technology, you can upgrade your locks in many ways. But even with the most straightforward pushbutton lock system, there are many advantages that’ll leave you wanting this installed in your commercial property today.

Living in today’s world, our lives are busier than ever. If we can find ways of shaving off a few minutes here and there, it gives us time to do the things we really want to do. Keyless entry systems can do that in a number of ways.

Ever wandered around your home in the morning wondering where you left your keys? You check pockets, fish around on your counter, even retrace your steps from the night before. With a pushbutton lock, you’ll never have to worry about finding that key again.

And it’s not just you. The more people that enter your commercial property, the more people impacted by this technology. Have you ever had a tenant or employee call you at odd hours because they can’t find their keys? A push-button entry system eliminates that forever. They’ll always have access to their code.

Of course, there are many styles. Many are battery-powered, which eliminates the hassle of hard wiring the door. Some offer smart technology, which means you can access codes from anywhere in the world. Whatever you choose, convenience will be the fundamental characteristic you love the most.

What most property owners and managers love most about pushbutton locks is the ability to have total control over the system.

If you have a high rate of employee turnover, have you ever stopped to think how many people have access to your building who shouldn’t be there? The number might be staggering. And a little scary.

Mechanical keys can’t be misplaced, stolen, or copied. And because every person that enters can have a different access code, you can change the numbers the moment an employee walks out the door for the last time.

This also gives you more built-in control features, such as the ability to follow the trail to when and where people enter. It also gives you the ability to shut out access when you don’t want entrance granted. Want to go on lockdown during critical upgrades or security checks? Not a problem.

Keeping track of how many keys have been produced and who has a key is difficult at best. Then there’s always the chance an employee copied a key on his own.

Every time you have a new key made it costs you money. Need to have a building rekeyed? More money. While installing a keyed entry system may seem like the least expensive way to secure your property, it can add up very quickly. Add in the time it takes to meet with a locksmith and wait throughout the process, and you’ll find the expense can grow astronomically, especially if you have a high turnover rate.

Have you ever had a key get so worn down it no longer works? Or maybe a lock system that malfunctions due to frequent or heavy use? We’ve even been called out to work sites because a key accidentally breaks off in the lock. It can be aggravating at best.

Pushbutton entry systems are resilient because they don’t sustain the repetitive behavior associated with turning a key. The pushbuttons will last far longer than their key counterparts.

Increased Security
Traditional locks have been around long enough for most would-be criminals to know how to break through. Traditional locks can be picked and lock bumped, which often leaves no visible signs of forced entry. That makes it more difficult to collect from your insurance company if theft should occur.

Push-button and keyless entry lock systems offer a variety of different locking mechanisms. Every building needs a different level of protection, so it’s important to work with your local locksmith to make sure your needs are met.

Outside of the benefits we’ve mentioned above, you can also find keyless entry systems that include:

  • Adjustable code length
  • Restricted access that will lock after a certain number of failed attempts
  • Instant lockout for security breaches
  • Quick deletion with a master code
  • Multiple access modes, including PIN and card access for heightened security

What’s more, push-button technology also is available in many different looks and styles. They are made from durable materials that protect not only against criminal behavior, but also against weather, too.

Of course, with every system, there are always disadvantages no matter how many advantages it offers. Keyless entry systems are no different. Here are the biggest we encounter from day to day:

With traditional key systems, you run the risk of someone copying the key. WIth keyless entry, a person can share their entry code with anyone at any time. They can do it willingly by sharing it with a friend, or unknowingly by leaving the code on their desk. This makes it more difficult to monitor who is coming and going.

Like all technology, there is always a risk of a system or hardware malfunction or failure. Battery-powered locks are only as good as the battery supply. Ensure you change the batteries regularly. Wired technology can cease to exist with a major power failure. Make sure your system is connected to a backup power solution so as to maintain a secure building even when the main power supply fails.

Push-button entry systems are more expensive to install. Because the technology is more sophisticated than traditional locks, you pay for the advancement upfront. It might also require more maintenance over time, as technology continues to advance.

What’s your preference in locking up your commercial location? Are you doing all you can to keep employees, tenants, and property safe and secure? If not, give us a call. As a local locksmith service, we’re happy to help.

Properly Securing a Building Starts with a Good Locksmith

Properly Securing a Building Starts with a Good Locksmith

Feeling safe at home and work is important. Unfortunately, many people assume they are secure without taking the proper steps to ensure that their house or place of business is truly as safe as possible.

Properly Securing a Building Starts with a Good LocksmithIt is easy to overlook certain aspects of securing a building and those oversights can lead to costly breaches. The good news is that, with the help of a good locksmith, areas that the lay-person would not give the proper attention to can be brought into focus and handled with the attention required.

By following certain steps with a good Vancouver locksmith the security desired when at home or work can be fairly easily acquired.

Change Your Locks

This may seem obvious to some, but it is often not considered by new homeowners or building managers. When moving into a new home or place of business, it is always a good idea to double check the state of the new building’s current locks. All the main entrances, such as the front and back doors, should have a secure deadbolt, ideally a double cylinder deadbolt. Check all windows, and skylights and make sure that they also have locks on them.

If moving into a new space that was previously owned by someone else, it is a good idea to get the locks changed. While the previous owners may have been honest in turning over all of the keys, they could have easily forgotten about a spare they once gave out.

If moving into a newly built home, many builders use construction locks during the building process. They often key the permanent locks shortly before the new homeowners move in. It’s best to not assume this was the case and to double check with the realtor. If this is the case, it is not necessary to change the locks. However, if the locks on the newly built home were often used by tradespeople, then it is a good idea to get these locks changed.

Changing locks doesn’t have to be expensive. Instead of replacing every single lock in the newly acquired building, get those locks rekeyed. A Vancouver locksmith can come to the home or place of business and change the locks so they can only be opened by a different set of keys. This is far cheaper and easier than replacing every single lock.

It also allows for the option to have all locks to be opened by one key, avoiding having to carry around a keychain with half a dozen keys.

Make a Plan

It is important to have a “security solution” in place that prevents anyone from walking into the property and damaging it, or making off with something that does not belong to them. In order for this to be effective, however, it is crucial to use the right locks so that the building’s security is not vulnerable.

There are some brands that security experts prefer over others, so taking the time to do the adequate research is imperative. If time for research is simply not available, a professional can provide the insight needed to make an informed decision.

It is also important to consider other factors where a professional locksmith can help ensure that a security investment is truly secure. If installed in the wrong way, if an incorrect lock is used, or if a lock is improperly maintained, there is an increased chance that the lock will be ineffective to intruders.

Light, Light, Light

Exterior lighting is important for anyone that wants to improve their security. Many burglars and criminals prefer to operate under the shroud of darkness. Therefore, if a property has poor exterior lighting it is more vulnerable to security breaches than a well-lit building. Lighting may sound like a decorative add-on, but it is an essential part of effective security solutions.

Consider Commercial Locks

The importance of commercial door locks cannot go unsaid. While the perimeter is the first point of access, the door’s locks are the cornerstone to any building’s security. If there are no door locks in place to bar access or grant access, then all the other aforementioned security measures will hardly be important.

There should be no mistake that commercial grade door locks are different than residential door locks, and any locksmith will tell you as much. Commercial grade door locks are built to last longer, due to the fact that they normally come into contact with more people. This means that they deal with much more foot traffic, which equates to more rotations and cycles by the door lock, so it has to be built to last much longer than regular house locks would.

Also, many commercial door locks have built-in measures that make it much more difficult for burglars and criminals to bypass. Many of these locks are anti-bump locks, as well as anti-pick and snap proof. In choosing your commercial door locks pay attention to the various access points. Remember that almost every access point will need a lock and this goes for offices, emergency exits and gates alike.

It is also important to take into account the medium that the lock is being used with, as well as the manner in which that particular access point is used. It is important to not use the wrong lock. While most doors, especially within an office-like environment, would be best suited to install grade one commercial locks, with some variation between the interior and exterior doors, this may not be the case for all doors and is another area where a professional locksmith’s expertise will prove invaluable.

Feel, and Be, Secure

Protecting a property can seem like an overwhelming task. However, with the help of a professional Vancouver locksmith, the key aspects to improving a building’s security can be addressed fairly quickly.

There is a difference between feeling safe and secure and actually being safe and secure and that difference can often be found in the time, care, and expert attention that has been paid to a building’s security, especially the locks.